Rockey’s Art

 “Art isn’t about making pretty things to hang on the wall. It’s a record of experience that’s waiting to be re-experienced. A work of art sets up a kind of conversation between artist and viewer, and the viewer’s response — his part in the conversation — is part of the work’s meaning. The process elevates the viewer from passive observer to creative participant. It extends his being and strengthens his connection to the world.” – C.H. Rockey

Early Works

“Great paintings are portraits of the artist: his temperament, feeling, imagination,
spirit, ideals, all things that make up his inner being or soul.”
– C.H. Rockey

  • Landscapes and Townscapes
  • Double Imagery
  • Fantasy 
  • Sculpture and Furniture
  • Portraits
  • Figurative 

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CHR Artwork Collections on Display in Manitou Springs:

“Rockey’s artwork was the landscape upon which we built the atmosphere that people associate with Adam’s Mountain Cafe. The antique tables and chairs, the love letter drawers, the stylized food and our connection to the Manitou community – in a sense all came from being surrounded by his stunning depictions of our beloved little town. It is our honor to have his art hanging in the restaurant.” – Farley McDonough – Owner

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