Greetings from Rockey’s place.

The Rockey Art Museum is about a person – a dedicated artist affectionately known as “Rockey” and a place in heart of Manitou Springs – his studio and home of 35 years, it is about the people that knew him, and about the compelling work and writing he created during a lifetime of expression and devotion to making art.  

The Rockey Art Museum is located at 10 Canon Avenue in the heart of Manitou Springs, CO
Hours are Fri-Sat-Sun 11am – 5pm
or Weekdays by Appointment by Calling 719-982-4330


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When you step inside Rockey’s studio and home you’ve entered the realm of Rockey, the domain of one who lives, breathes and totally immerses himself in art. The walls are a dense, floor-to-ceiling patchwork of paintings of all sizes with intricate frames he crafted himself. If not for the high ceilings and sidelong sunlight, one could imagine being a rummage shop from Middle Earth. The walls are stacked with paintings and every flat surface is filled with art, some found and most created. Much of the furniture custom made and might feature a face or figure somewhere. The 10-foot-tall statue of a dressed-down Zebulon Pike, was the prototype for a public installation that didn’t pan out, and above is a dangling dragon-kite whose talons clutch a doll-damsel that, as Rockey liked to say, is not in distress but freshly rescued from an unwelcome suitor….


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About 10 Canon Avenue : “This is the best view of Manitou: the Town Clock with mountains behind it, the birds, and the big tree right there that’s just starting to look green. I love it, and to me, that’s the bottom line.” –  CH Rockey
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Rockey Demonstrates his Magic Mirror
Rockey’s Magic Mirror