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A few words about Manitou from Rockey

I am a very wealthy man… for I live in this enchanting village of Manitou Springs. It is tucked-into the priceless splendor of the mountains that call me, a landscape artist, to paint. On the road to answer the call are trails made for me, taking me through a painter’s paradise.

Flower gardens, wanting their portraits done, look their best for me and the trees in the parks speak to me with kindly rustling. The stream that passes beneath my bedroom window sings me lullabies. In the clear royal blue of the night, the stars come close for me. I feel as if I float with them.

In the village, mineral springs bubble up for me to drink. I may take as much as I wish and share the health that they provide with others not of this place. Village folk have decorated-the clock that sits in my front yard with festive garland for the holiday season.

Musicians gather to play concerts in the park so that I may hear them at their best. Here too, artisans display their hand-crafted magic for me. Over the old stone bridge, along the lamp lit roadway, sit storybook shoppes that show off rare wares such as kaleidoscopes, hand embroidered robes, dulcimers and didgeridoos.

My mailman greets me with smiles and delivers good news every morning. Every Sunday, inspiring sermons keep my mind and heart challenged. And if I have complaints, there is a council who listens and tries to work things out. For my granddaughter, the village saw to it that she had some of the finest teachers around.

These are just a few of my countless blessings. And for all this wondrous wealth, I am asked little in return – simply to be a good neighbor and to share a small portion of my blessings. In consideration of your own wealth, you may want to join me in celebration.

With earnest thanks to this wonderland, Rockey

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The moment I got over that hill from the Springs and entered Manitou, it was like, ‘Hey, this is it. This is where I want to live.”  Manitou is kind of fairy tale land for me. It’s just magical. I can’t imagine a better place to be. – Rockey

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Historic Manitou Springs

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“Charisma, storybook quality, charming, peaceful, quaint, picturesque, small-town flavor — these are all words describing our town. Gentleness, empathy. The visual ingredients: winding roads, cottages facing every which way and stacked atop one another; curved stone walls, secret terraces and gardens, paths and stairs, iron and filigree. All this along with the feeling of coziness, nest-building, community and togetherness. It’s wonderful to feel this good about a place. Manitou is my main reason to paint. I celebrate living here by painting it.” – Rockey

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