Love Songs of Middle Time

– A One of A Kind Book – Love Songs of Middle Time Echoed Through Fables and Illuminations Truly a work of art and that there is no other book like it in the world. It is, as is C.H. Rockey, one of a kind. The book, as the Preface explains, is a collection of illuminations and fables, made up of Rockey’s imagery from paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures and furniture from the past fifty years of his creativity.  The book is a visual delight to “look at” by leafing though pages and perusing the images and page compositions with elements like drop caps, titles, frames and drop socks to conclude the story. But the book also features a wide variety of storys to be read. And within the writing some of the deepest appreciation of the book’s meanings and messages are to be found.  There are 150 different stories in the 246 pages of the book, most being one or two page stories, with a few that are 3-6 pages in length. An simplification might be that imagery creates an immediate enjoyment – while the writing asks longer for attention that will yield deeper understandings. Purchase Book Online Here What are some of the common themes amongst the collection of 150 stories? Rockey liked to say “Its all about Love.” Indeed there are many stories about love, and love has many forms. Let’s first consider the artist and author of the book, C.H. Rockey…. Rockey was many things. He was a father. He was a citizen of Manitou Springs. He was a lover of Mother Nature – having painted her more than 1,000 times. He was a man of faith. He was a romantic, a dreamer, a friend. He was a teacher for more than 35 years. And at his core he was an artist. For each of these qualities found in Rockey, there are stories in the book. For instance, stories about or including… his children… 18. Examples of Rockey’s Children in Love Songs the town of Manitou Springs.. 12 Mother Nature’s the beauty of… or mankind’s disregard for her… 15 spiritual faith and devotion… 11 marriage, romance and sexual attraction – both good and not so… 14 friendship… 24 being an artist and the impulse to create and invent…12 learning and education… 6 And there are more themes found in the book such as… miracles new ways of being seeing beyond appearances music as an essential ingredient to enjoying life journeys to understanding and enlightenment And among the 150 stories there is quite an assortment of characters… From the real to the imaginary. From the newborn to the ancient. Bears, foxes, rabbits, ladybugs, mermaids, dragons, birds of all kinds. Angels, sprites, fairies, ogres, elves, imps, whompies. Princes, princesses, teachers, students, wise elders, paupers, maidens, sleeping babes, Artists, inventors, warriors, musicians, townfolk, villagers, city folk. Castles, caves, valleys, mountaintops, rivers, bridges, ponds, streams. Trees, flowers, clouds, rainbows And all kinds of light… Shimmering, glowing, gleaming, shining, etc. In conclusion we are confident that those who obtain Love Songs of Middle Timewill continue to be intrigued by its contents, its messages, its meanings, its delights for years to come. Love Songs – Introductions and Stories =  Flipbooks, Videos, Readings Sample Layouts Layout Components Videos About Book.   Articles About BookAwards PPLD Golden Quill Award – Colorado Book Awards = Rockey Art MuseumAlso Available In Person in Manitou Springs at  MSHC – MAC – Cliff House – Miramont